Dial a Bus

Where the bus operates in the Durness area

Dial a Bus is available Monday to Friday 0900 to 1730. This service covers the area bordered by Keodale, Balnakeil and Laid and will extend to Kinlochbervie to meet the 804 from Lochinver.

Dial a Bus will also run on Tuesdays and Thursdays to Tongue to meet the 803 Thurso service in the morning and evening as required. Bookings must be made the day before travel.

To book call 07931 381723 or mobile 07782 110007

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What is Dial-a-bus?
Dial-a-bus is a service where you can phone up and ask for a lift. The service is run with a small bus or taxi. Dial-a-bus is offered in an area with no public bus service. It applies if you need to make a journey within a certain area (see map above) and time period. It does not follow a fixed route or timetable.


Who can use Dial-a-Bus?
Just like an ordinary bus, the daytime service is available for any travel for any reason within our operating area.


How do I book Dial-a-Bus?
Please phone The Durness Bus on 01971 511 223 at any time before 8pm on the day before you travel. Sometimes later bookings may be possible. You will need to say when you want to travel and give your phone number. If you have a fixed appointment, you can book Dial-a-bus many weeks before you travel.


Will the bus come exactly when I want it?
You will be given a booking as close as possible to the time you ask for. However, The Durness Bus may ask you to take a time up to 30 minutes earlier or later than the time you ask for. If a later time would not be acceptable (for example, if it would mean missing on appointment), they may ask you to take a time up to 45 minutes earlier than you asked for. If an earlier time would not be acceptable (for example, you might not be ready), you may be asked to take a time up to 45 minutes later than you asked for. Once your booking has been agreed, the bus should arrive no more than 5 minutes before or 10 minutes after the booked time.


Can I book more than one journey at the same time?


Do I have to say why I am travelling?
No. You will not be asked for this. However, you may want to say why you are travelling (for example, I need to catch a train) if the journey is important.


Can I use it to connect with regular bus services?
Yes. Within the available time you can book Dial-a-Bus to drop you at any bus stop in its area or pick you up from a stop.


What is the Dial-a-Bus fare?
The fare will be similar to on ordinary bus fare. Free concessionary travel is available to anyone in the Scotland-wide Free Bus Travel Scheme.


Will Dial-a-Bus pick me up from my home?
Yes, except that it will not normally travel on private roads. The service can make exceptions if you have mobility problems. The Durness Bus will decide if they are prepared to travel on private roads.


Do I have to book Dial-a-Bus from my home?
No. You can travel from whatever point you choose in the set area, as long as it is on a public rood and it is safe for the bus to stop.


What if I decide to change my plans?
If you want to cancel or change a booking please phone The Durness Bus as soon as possible. If you change a booking after 8pm they cannot guarantee to pick you up.


Does the Dial-a-Bus need a minimum number of passengers?
No. It will turn out for one passenger. Pick-up times can be changed by The Durness Bus so several passengers can be picked up together where suitable. The operator will contact the customer if any changes have been made to the booking.