Have your say on the future of the 805 Inverness and 806 Lairg services!

The Durness Bus have made a proposal to run the 805 Inverness service six days a week, and all year round. This change would come at no additional cost to the Highland Council, who provide financial support for the operation of these routes. Highland Council are receptive to this suggestion and are seeking reassurance that the proposed change meets community needs and has broad public support.
The distribution of this survey ensures that any potential negative impacts can be reviewed and addressed prior to the commencement of the change. The 805 Inverness bus travels through Lairg, therefore the impact should be minimal, but this public consultation also allows for feedback on the services more broadly and enables community participation in optimising public bus services.

Question1: Would you be supportive of the 805 service to Inverness running 6 days a week, all year round?

Question 2: How often do you use the 805 service?

Question 3: How often do you use the 806 service?

Question 4: Would the loss of the 806 service have a negative impact on your life?

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